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Telling the story of our Wright and Dale families who moved to Ohio from Kentucky and Virginia

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask . . . thy elders, and they will tell thee." Deut.32:7

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George (7)
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Mary (4)
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Aaron (2)
Alice (2)
Ann (2)
Catharine (2)
Clara (2)
Henry (2)
Rebecca (2)
Alfred (1)
Amy (1)
Andrew (1)
Anna (1)
Annie (1)
Arie (1)
Armstead (1)
Barbara (1)
Caroline (1)
Catherine (1)
Charles (1)
Clay (1)
Cornelius (1)
Dudley (1)
Edward (1)
Elijah (1)
Elisa (1)
Elisabeth (1)
Elisha (1)
Eliza (1)
Ella (1)
Fannie (1)
Franklin (1)
Hannah (1)
Harretta (1)
Harriet (1)
Harrison (1)
Henrietta (1)
Hester (1)
Ida (1)
Laura (1)
Lincoln (1)
Lizzie (1)
Lucinda (1)
Malinda (1)
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