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Telling the story of our Wright and Dale families who moved to Ohio from Kentucky and Virginia

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask . . . thy elders, and they will tell thee." Deut.32:7


"The Big House" -- First Wright-Dale Home in Germantown, Ohio

This website focuses on the extended families of Nathan and Willie Wright and Harlan and Mildred Dale. The Big House, with its history of warm welcome and hospitality to all who entered, is a fitting symbol of welcome as you enter this site.

Here we will tell our story through genealogy and family history.

Genealogy and Family History -- A Great Mix

Sometimes people use the words 'genealogy' and 'family history' interchangeably, but for this site, we use different meanings:

  • Genealogy is the study and documentation of ancestry, descendency, and family relationships
  • Family history is the recounting of a family's past experiences through facts and family stories
Genealogy and family history overlap -- and this site is a mix of both.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Initially, there will be more genealogy focus, because that is the area for which we have the most material. The genealogy will be rolled out in phases. This is Phase 1, and it includes just a few generations of our ancestors. We will roll out additional phases as we troubleshoot any problems on this site. When we get to the generations that include living people, we will need to implement some security measures, including registration and passwords.

Defining Family

main imageThe definition of family that encompasses all the many ways persons have become members of the Wright-Dale family is: “A group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom.” (https://www.yourdictionary.com/family)

No matter how you got into this family, you are a product of what has gone on before.

If you were born into this family as a blood descendent of the ancestors presented here, you carry their DNA, so you are a product of their nature. More importantly, their life experiences have influenced your life, so you are also a product of their nurture. If you or your blood ancestors joined this family through marriage or law or custom, though you may not carry the DNA of the ancestors presented here, you are more importantly a product of their nurture.

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Histories and Stories

The Wright-Dale family has a rich history, but the recording of it is sparse. Uncle Walt wrote 'The Story of Wright' around 1992 (almost 30 years ago!), and it needs to be updated. Please volunteer to help us with this important work. Look at what we already have and determine how you can best help us out. Click the 'More' link in this box to take you to our Histories and Stories collection.

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Ancestral Lines

Click on any of the links in this box to explore the ancestral lines we have researched. The link will take you to the section of the family tree for an early ancestor in that line.

Some of Our Families

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Family of Nathan Monroe Wright and Willie Lee Dale

They married in 1915.

They had 7 children: Dale Monroe, William Russell, Paul LaMar, "Living", Harold Jean, Audrey Hermene, and Walter Leon.

Family of William Harlan Dale Sr and Mildred Arline Hicks

They married in 1931.

They had 3 children -- all "Living."

Family of Walter Earnest Dale and Tina Jackson Grant

They married in 1901.

They had 6 children: Charles Harold, Annabel, Walter Gatewood, Ida Louise, Clarence Jaxon, and "Living."

Family of Shelton Edward Wright and Hazel Dolan

They married in 1945.

They had five children: "Living," "Living," Arthur Edward, Jacqueline

Some of Our Histories and Stories

Click a story title to read the story (faded titles are not yet available)

Did The Cincinnati Enquirer Really Refer to Prince Albert Ford as a "Dude Nigger"? View Sydni's Presentation

Who Are the Original Nine?

Who Are the Magnificent Seven?

Who Are The Oldheads?

The Thanksgiving Snowstorm That Prevented Removal of Aunt Evie's Deceased Body

Who Killed Walter Barnett Dale -- and Why?

History with the Methodist and African Methodist Church

History with the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Music, Music, Music - The Role of Music in the Family's History

Communications History

Grandma Willie Wright, by Zoe Wright

Artists in the Family

The Family Crest -- Its History and Meaning

Who Are The Girf Goofs?

Life With My Parents -- Some Essays from the 70s

My Big Sister, by Rebecca

This Site is Dedicated to the Memory of Walter Leon Wright Srbottom image

In each family, there is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make them live again. To tell the family story. All tribes have at least one storyteller; ours was Walter Leon Wright Sr. Everything on this site builds on his work. Doing genealogy and family history research is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. Those of us who carry on Uncle Walt's work learned how to do this from the best. Click the 'More' button in this box to learn more about our first storyteller, the baby son of Nathan and Willie Wright, from his children.

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Quotes From Some of Our Ancestors

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Our Earliest Picture?bottom image

We believe that George T. Dale is the earliest ancestor for whom we have a picture. His portrait was painted by the famed artist in the family, Dale Monroe Wright Sr. The picture here is a copy of a photograph of the original painted picture. The photograph was in Uncle Walt's files, obtained from his daughter after his passing.Click the 'More' link in this box to learn more about this painting from Dale's youngest daughter.

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  • For now, contact Jackie through her email address in the family email list.

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This website recognizes that living individuals have a right to privacy. Every attempt has been made to protect the names of the living and they will appear only as "Living" to those without authorized access. A login account is not required to browse our website during Phase 1, which does not include any living persons. Once we move past Phase 1, family members may request a login ID and password in order to access the private component of the website; a login account will not be required to browse the public part of our website.